Compiled By: Brother Mohamed Zahir Salyani & Sister Mariam Salyani


The Executive Committee had organized numerous functions and events since it took office in March 2001, and Alhamdullilah, all were a tremendous success.  The following are the highlights of the various programs:


Dinner at Moti Mahal –

June 3, 2001

This function was held at the impressive Moti Mahal Banquet Hall with a large turn out of members. The program was partly sponsored by the IDRF Organization. It began with a welcome address by the President Br. Abdul Hamid Hathiyani and followed by a very informative presentation by some members of the IDRF Organization. A large variety of delicious food was served for dinner after which a program for the children was conducted. There was also an auction for some of the items.  Later, a presentation was made to our young member, Br. Shah-e-Noor Yakub, for having completed his “Hafizul Quran” course.





Picnic at Thompson’s Park –

June 24, 2001

A fun-filled picnic was organized where there was a variety of munchies to snack on and lots of sporting games were arranged for Children, Ladies and Gents.  A BBQ was set up for lunch where there was the usual Chicken and Burgers and Hot Dogs for the children.  After lunch, the Gents played soccer and the Ladies relaxed and played their own games.  The winners of all the games played were presented with prizes.





Picnic at Scarborough Bluffs –

August 26, 2001

After the success of the June 24 picnic, another outdoor event was organized. It was a potluck BBQ. A Treasure Hunt was also planned. Members arrived, began mingling and enjoyed our traditional “Buyu” snack. It was a very nice and sunny day at this time. As the BBQ had just started, the weather decided to take a turn. It began raining heavily and everyone went under a shed to avoid the rain. All members under one shelter helping each other – a perfect example of Unity.  Since there was no way the BBQ could continue in the rain, everyone left and gathered at Br. Abdulhamid Hathiyani’s residence where the program resumed and ended in the evening. It was nevertheless a “picnic” to remember.


Fall Colors –

October 13, 2001

An outdoor program was arranged to view the Fall Colors. In the morning, members met at a parking lot outside a mall in Brampton. Maps were given to all members who were driving, and the procession moved along like a train. A scenic route was taken to view the beautiful colored trees and a first stop was made for light snacks and Zuhr prayers. Then the drive continued and another stop was made for snacks, tea and Asr prayers before heading back. The members then gathered at Br. Sherali Kasmani’s residence in Brampton for Maghrib prayers and tea.                  


Constitution Meeting –

November 10, 2001

Before the Holy month of Ramadhan, a Fungo Program was organized at Iqbal’s Restaurant. This was combined with a General Body meeting to discuss and adopt the proposed constitution of the Jamat. After lengthy discussions, Alhamdulillah, an overwhelming majority passed the constitution. Dinner was served, after which the children who had participated in the Essay and Art Competitions were presented with gifts donated by the families of Br. Abdulkader Yakub and Br. Mohamed Zahir Salyani.


Islamic Lectures in Ramadhan

During the Holy month of Ramadhan, every Sunday afternoon, “Dars” lectures were held by Br. Mohamed Sabir Yakub at the Hathiyani residence. All those who attended these sessions benefited a great deal.


Qirat Competition –

December 2, 2001

An Iftari program was held at Pleasant View Community Center. The dinner was provided by the Hathiyani family.  Our young member, Br. Ahmed Goralwalla, presented a Kutchhi nazam.  There was an Islamic Lecture by Br. Mohamed Sabir Yakub.  The Jamat’s first annual Qirat Competition was held, where the children were asked to recite verses from the Holy Qur’an and were judged accordingly.  Our young member Br. Nabil Hathiyani was the winner of the first running trophy.  All the young participants were presented with gifts donated by the Hathiyani family.




Idd-ul-Fitr Dinner –

December 25, 2001

This function was held at Four Seasons Banquet Hall. This time a fancy dress competition for the children was organized.  Br. Mohamed Zahir Salyani presented a Kutchhi nazam.  After dinner, there were some games for the youth and adults and some items were auctioned. A presentation was made to Sr. Shazma Kadernani for having completed her Aleema course in England. Finally the children received their Idd gifts donated by the families of Br. Abdulkader Yakub and Br. Mohamed Zahir Salyani.




Lectures –

February 9, 2002

A get-together was held at Pleasant View Community Center. This was a potluck dinner.  The ladies had a chance to listen to a religious talk by Sr. Shazma Kadernani, whereas the gents received a very informative talk on Taxation by Br. Mohamed Shafi Yakub.  The kids too had their share of entertainment before the end of the program. A presentation was made to Br. Mohamed Sabir Yakub in recognition of having conducted the “Dars” sessions in Ramadhan.


Idd-ul-Adha Dinner –

March 3, 2002

This function was held at Pleasant View Community Center where the food was catered from Iqbal Restaurant. A Kutchhi nazam was presented by Br. Mohamed Zahir Salyani followed by an Urdu Nazam by Br. Shah-e-Noor Yakub. The kids and adults played some games and there was also an auction. Some ladies applied Mehndi for each other.  The children were then presented with their Idd gifts donated by the family of Br. Abdulkader Yakub.




Lecture –

April 13, 2002

The Muharram function was again held at Pleasant View Community Center with a potluck dinner.  The speaker was Sheikh Hamid Slimi who gave a very informative talk on “A Challenge to Survive”. Br. Bashir Hathiyani launched our first annual Islamic Pocket Calendar sponsored by Salyani Production.  After dinner, a quiz was held between the ladies and gents and the winners were the ladies. A presentation was made to Sr. Mariam Salyani in recognition of her tireless efforts in obtaining the free use of Pleasant View Community Center for most of our Jamat’s functions.


Educational Seminar –

April 27, 2002

The Education Committee organized a Seminar on the subject of “UNIVERSITY & BEYOND – A PRACTICAL APPROACH”. This type of seminar was the first of its kind to be organized by the Jamat. It was held at the Party Room at 39 Kimbercroft Place where the main participants were students from high school and university and post-graduates who are successful in their careers.  This program brought the Jamat recognition, as the “IMPRINT” publication carried the story in their regular newspaper. Snacks and lunch were served during the breaks.  The speakers for this event were Br. Mohamed Shafi Yakub, Br. Mohamed Asif Salyani and Sr. Rubina Esmail. The facilitator of the seminar was Br. Saidina Bagha.




“Historical Milestones” –

June 1, 2002

This was a very important day for us. The get-together was held at Pleasant View Community Centre with a potluck dinner. Br. Mohamed Zahir Salyani presented a Kutchhi nazam.  The President then announced, at the delight of everyone, that the Jamat was now officially registered with the Government of Canada. A burst of hearty congratulations exchanged among the members, as this was a historic moment for the Jamat. The other important announcements made were about the creation of Jamat’s Logo (designed by Br. Abdulhamid Hathiyani) and Jamat’s own website (designed by Br. Ghulamhabib Yakub and Br. Ahmed Bachani). The logo was launched by the President and the website – - was launched by Br. Mohamed Bashir Hathiyani. Later, Dr. Hussein Mithoowani and his daughter, Sr. Fatima Mithoowani, gave a very informative and educational talk on the subject of Osteoporosis and its prevention. After dinner, some presentations were made to Br. Abdulkader Yakub and Br. Abdulrahim Goralwalla for having worked very hard in drafting the Jamat’s Constitution. Towards the end there was time to relax, socialize and play chess and carom.




Picnic at Thompson’s Park –

June 23, 2002

With the coming of summer, a picnic was organized by the Sports Committee. There was a variety of munchies to snack on as the BBQ was getting ready.  After lunch, the children played in the swings and slides whilst the gents played soccer and the ladies relaxed chatting amongst themselves.  All in all, it was a nice relaxing day for all.



World Cup Soccer –

June 30, 2002

A “Soccer Event” was arranged by the Sports Committee at Hathiyani residence to watch the finals of the World Cup 2002, between Brazil and Germany. After watching the exciting game, the event ended with a traditional breakfast, which included the ever popular “Bharazi and Mhamri”.